Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Pollution from a power station

Dispersion Modelling Assessments to help with planning and permitting applications

Dispersion modelling uses mathematical equations, describing the atmosphere, dispersion and chemical and physical processes within the plume, to calculate concentrations at various locations.

The Cambridge Environmental Research Consultant developed model ADMS is used to model a wide range of atmospheric dispersion events.

Current and future air quality can be assessed with respect to the air quality standards such as the EU Air Quality and Habitats Directives, the UK Air Quality Strategy, and Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Why use this service?

Dispersion modelling assessments will allow you, or planning and permitting authorities to:

  • Understand the impact of your activities upon human health, residential amenity, and the environment, locally.
  • Confidently compare different emissions abatement approaches at a design stage to ensure development is compliant with regulation. 
  • Submit a planning application with an informed and scientifically robust / independent analysis report.

What we provide

  • Modelled pollutant concentrations and deposition rates at selected nearby locations (properties, ecological sites) as a result of the emitting facility. 
  • A mapped footprint of pollutant concentrations / deposition rates for the area surrounding the emitting facility. 
  • Both of the above for abatement / mitigation measures, where different options and designs are required for air quality management. 
  • Comparison of impacts with regulatory guideline levels. 
  • Expert comment on the results. 
  • A covering report that meets regulatory guidelines and is valued by permitting and planning authorities. 
  • Expert witness services.

We provide three main types of assessment utilising dispersion modelling

  1. Ammonia modelling studies
  2. Odour Impact Assessments
  3. Air Quality Assessments 

We also provide emissions inventories that characterise and quantify emissions of air borne pollutants.

Through our partnership organisation, ADAS, we are able to provide access to the following services:

  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments in support of planning applications. 
  • Preparation of Environmental Permit applications
  • Ecological, odour, and consultancy in many other specialisms related to agriculture
  • Expert witness work in all of the above fields.

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Last updated: 17 March 2014

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