Emissions Inventories

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Emissions Inventories to inform planning

Emissions and releases to the environment are the starting point of every environmental pollution problem. Information on emissions therefore is an absolute requirement in understanding environmental problems and in monitoring progress towards solving these. Emission inventories provide this type of information.

MORET, based at ADAS, is uniquely placed to draw on a wealth of expertise and experience in the identification, characterisation, and quantification of sources of pollutants from many sources. These sources of emissions include sewage treatment, slaughter houses / abattoirs & rendering plants, animals, livestock and poultry, spreading of sludge and slurries to land, anaerobic digestion and combined heat and power plants, incineration, agricultural nutrient storage.

Why use this service?

Emissions data can be used for:

  • local air pollution studies of toxic and nuisance pollutants;
  • greenhouse gas emissions inventories;
  • estimating emissions for use in IPPC applications.

What we provide

  • We can deliver accurate emissions inventories that can inform your plans;
  • These can provide you with a clear identification of emission type and size, and matching patterns of emission to perceived local impacts to understand where there may be problems. An emission inventory can also give some indication of the extent of the geographical footprint.

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Last updated: 7 March 2014

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