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Here are a collection of frequently asked questions and guides to help utilise the services available on this site.

Frequently asked questions

Before contacting us via our Customer Centre, please check if our frequently asked questions provide a solution to your query.

  1. Help using this site
  2. Changes to this site
  3. Weather and forecasts 
  4. Climate change
  5. Units of measurement

Weather symbols key


What you can expect from our forecasts

A guide to each type of forecast and what you can expect from it.

UK Forecast guide


Guide to warnings

Warnings are issued to help the public make informed decisions that protect their life, welfare and property in the event of severe weather.

Marine Forecasts

Guide to marine forecasts
Help is available to help you understand the marine weather information and view the forecasts.
Beaufort scale
Marine glossary

RSS Feeds and Email Alerts

Guide to RSS feeds
The Met Office offers a range of feeds in XML format ("RSS Content") to RSS enabled browsers or news readers.

Guide to email alert service
Users can sign up for email alerts about specific topic areas of the Met Office public web site.

Last updated: 6 April 2016

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