Improvements to our website

The new website was run in Beta mode for several months and has been fully operational since March 2012. This page provides an overview about the reasons for the changes, what the key changes are and the benefits to you as a visitor.

For over two years we trialled some new methods of presenting weather forecasts via our Invent web pages. From this we have given our web output a fresh new look, implementing some of the things you've been asking for and moving showcase products onto the operational arena.

Reasons for change

There are a number of reasons for our web refresh.


We regularly receive and welcome feedback which provides some interesting suggestions for additional content. We have incorporated the main points of this feedback in our new designs and content. For example, easier navigation and more forecast locations.


Leading up to the web refresh, consultation was carried out over a 12 month period with key stake-holders across all areas of our business. This identified the information you need and expect when looking for key weather information. From those consultations we have incorporated the main outcomes which include extending three-hourly forecasts out to five days ahead.

Science and technology advances

Since we last updated our website there have been significant advances in both science and technology which have led to the development of new products and ways of displaying content. Over an 18 month period these were showcased in the Invent section of our web pages. The new temperature range forecasts and timelines received positive feedback so we have moved much of this onto our main operational site.

Key changes

Here are some of the key changes you will see on our refreshed pages.

Updated look and feel

Having run our website in Beta mode and during that period having gathered feedback, we believe what you see now is an improved look and feel, alongside better navigation and fresh content.

New homepage

Based on your feedback, the home page is redesigned to include more weather information and a new "widget" style approach. This allows you to select what information you want to see. As we go forward we expect to introduce more of this tailored approach. An example of this is our seasonal pollen count service for hay fever sufferers.

Improved navigation

Feedback is very valuable to us and we listen carefully to what you tell us. In particular for example we believe we have improved site navigation. There is a quick weather view of key information on the homepage and more detailed content within less than three clicks. We have grouped weather content together in a tabbed approach to make it easier to swap between different types of information. You will notice this via our mapped or tabulated forecasts. All content right across our site can be easily accessed using the new navigation menu bar.

Increased customisation

We have increased the customisation options so that you can decide what content you would like to see on your weather pages. It's now possible to switch off the content which is no interest and select your preferred units for temperature, wind speed and so on.

Increase number of forecast sites

We now offer over 5000 site-specific forecast locations around the United Kingdom to help you make the best weather critical decisions. They include 450 beach locations as part of our beach safety content. We have included a range of places including residential locations, places of interest, beaches, national parks and mountain summits.

Pan and zoom maps

We hope you will enjoy being able to pan and zoom the maps on the weather pages. You will be able to navigate quickly and easily around the UK and zoom in on areas of interest. This allows you to see more detailed information for your chosen locality.

Timescales and next steps 

The pages you now see were launched in March 2012. Over the following months we will be working towards moving any remaining content such as general marine and climate information, across to the new site. We'll also be continuing to refresh the contents of our Products and Services and Research sections as well as making further updates and consolidating on the improvements we've already made.

For more information about the changes, please see our FAQ section. If you would like to let us know your thoughts about our output, by all means contribute your feedback on the form provided via our contact us pages.

Last updated: 24 January 2013