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PWSCG Consultation Plan

Consultation plans

The Consultation Plan is part of the PWSCG Consultation Strategy for 2012 to 2015. It focuses on a programme of research to identify and understand the public and responder community requirements of the PWS products and services, including any gaps, and to monitor the perception and satisfaction with the service. It has been compiled by the PWSCG Secretariat with input from the Met Office PWS and PWSCG Independent Member. A separate overarching Communications Plan has been produced by the Met Office with input from the PWSCG Secretariat. Activities in the Communication and Consultation Plans are aligned.

The plan covers the 2-year period from April 2012 to March 2015 in details and includes some initial ideas for activity for FY1415. It will be reviewed quarterly and updated formally in March 2013 to include detailed activities for FY1415.

It includes consultation with both the general public and professional partners in the civil contingency arena. It is recognised that particularly for the responder community, where the Met Office have very strong links, it will be important for the PWSCG and Met Office to work very closely together on consultation.

Efforts will be made to keep abreast of any pertinent public consultation and joint consultation with partners and stakeholders will be considered whenever appropriate.

Please take a look at the full PWSCG Consultation Planfor 2014/15.

Details and outcomes of previous consultation work can be found in the Past PWSCG Consultations

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