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  1. Flipped Mountain_900.jpg At the Met Office we are always working hard to understand how the public uses and interacts with our forecasts.
  2. Umbrella2.jpg When it comes to accurate forecasts, the Met Office stands above the crowd. Here are just some of the reasons to trust the Met Office.
  3. Trust_900.jpg We carry out annual and special surveys to gain insight into the public's requirements and levels of satisfaction with our forecasts and warnings.

The accuracy of our weather warnings and forecasts and the confidence in which our public view them is essential to our operational role as official UK weather provider.

We are proud of our high standards and have an open and transparent policy on how well our public weather forecasts are performing.

Amongst other measures we are:

whilst our four day forecasts are now as accurate as our one day forecasts were back in 2014.

Last updated: Apr 5, 2017 12:57 PM