Community - Our UK role

We are proud to support a number of organisations and charities, not just around our Exeter HQ but also around many of our frontline sites across the UK.

Hosting local events

We host a number of events at our Exeter HQ, such as Business in the Community (BITC) event in July 2014. This helped show business leaders how they can be involved with Business Class which brings local businesses and schools together.

In December 2014 we hosted the UK Local Authority Vanguards Workshop for people involved in community energy research and projects across the country.

Public open days

Several times a year our HQ at Exeter hosts Public Open Days. The public are given a tour of HQ by Met Office volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds.

The tour includes a presentation on our work as well as a look behind the scenes at some of the biggest computers in the world and our Operations Centre.

Supporting community groups

We offer free use of our conference facilities and meeting rooms to community, charity and other not-for-profit groups several times a year. Recent examples include the British Red Cross as part of its Open Gardens scheme and the Devon Young Enterprise Awards. This was attended by teams of young people who presented business ideas as part of a national competition. Their innovation and drive is inspiring.

Up to 12 community groups and charities visit our Exeter headquarters each year to engage with staff at lunchtime. Recently this has included an organ donor sign up, Girl Guides and a Children's Hospice.

Working with young disabled adults West of England

The Weather Desk team at the Met Office are the first point of contact. They deal with enquiries from general weather forecasts to customer feedback and marketing opportunities.

For the last three years the team have provided work experience for young adults from CEDA ( a charity based in Exeter that creates opportunities with disabled people) and the West of England School and College for people with little or no sight.

Our work with young disabled people page gives a more detailed look into this important relationship.

Inspiring young people


STEMNET is a national organisation with creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

At the moment we have well over 100 STEM ambassadors who visit schools and attend careers events to give the students an idea of the options available to them and also the qualifications necessary to progress their career.

You can find out more on the STEM website.

"I attended a careers fair at Skegness Grammar School, promoting careers in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering (STEM) to students aged 15-17 years. The students were interested in routes into the Met Office and what subjects they needed to take at university. There were questions about the day-to-day weather, climate change and the nuclear crisis in Japan. None of the students knew about any of the Met Office activities except the television weather forecasts so it was great to be able to show them the range of services we provide."

Viv Scott, Forecaster, RAF Cranwell

The need for speed

Bloodhound SSC

A British project is currently underway to break the World Land Speed Record. The Bloodhound SSC team are hoping to exceed 1000 mph in 2013 in South Africa.

Another aim of the project ties in with our STEM objectives. It is hoped that the project will inspire school children into considering careers in science and technology.

The Met Office is supporting this attempt by provided a weather station to collect important meteorological data at the desert site for the run up to the event.

This weather data will help the Bloodhound team to decide the best date and time to attempt the record.

This amazing vehicle will be powered by a Eurojet EJ200 (Typhoon) engine!

The Bloodhound site.

The Pod - Inspiring the next generation with EDF

We've teamed up with EDF Energy to educate young people on Climate (redirect to climate guide).

EDF has created The Pod - a website where schools can register for free and access teaching resources, download activities and share ideas on sustainability.

We are committed to helping children better understand weather and climate science, making it engaging at primary and secondary school levels.

School Governorship

We currently have several staff who are school governors.

This can be a rewarding experience as it gives staff an opportunity to:

  • Gain new skills through extra-curricular activities that may be relevant to their future career at the Met Office.
  • Work with a variety of people with different work and personal perspectives.
  • Develop communication and influencing skills.
  • Contribute to the community and education service.

Last updated: 16 June 2015