Our work with young disabled people

Proudly working with young disabled adults

Over the last three years our Weather Desk team have provided a friendly and informative placement for young adults with disabilities.

The Weather Desk has established links with  CEDA (an Exeter based charity organisation that creates opportunities for disabled people).

Kate from CEDA works on our Weather Desk, which handles enquiries from customers and the public, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year..

Naomi is the manager of the Weather Desk at the Met Office:-

"Kate began by working half a day a week but this wass oon increased to two days a week. She takes calls from the public and commercial customers and is a valued member of our team"

Renata is Co-Director at CEDA:-

"Kate is an intelligent, highly motivated lady with a love for work and life. Unfortunately most people don't see this; they see a wheelchair and somebody that must surely need looking after. At the Met Office Kate isn't in a wheelchair, she is simply Kate."

CEDA have commented that as a result of her placement, Kate's confidence and sheer enjoyment of life have soared. She feels valued and is able to contribute as part of a team.

Naomi and the Weather Desk team were nominated for the MoD 2011 People Awards.

Our Latest news page features the Weather Desk Team winning the Sustainability Award at the Met Office Awards for Excellence in 2011.

Last updated: 25 January 2013