Our IT disposal process

Recycling of redundant IT

At the Met Office we are keen to recycle as much of our waste as we possibly can. Redundant IT equipment must also have any data securely destroyed too. This page looks at the process which is followed when IT equipment is no longer required.

So a PC (or similar piece of equipment) is no longer required by a team. What journey does it take?

  • The owner states that the asset is no longer required. A request is made to have it removed and an auditable trail is initiated.
  • The asset is collected and taken to our IT store and placed in a secure and lockable cage.
  • When five cages are full (we have 9 in total) teams across the Met Office are informed that the equipment is about to be disposed of.
  • Teams can assess the asset and if interested they can apply to have the PC reused or redeployed. It will then be removed from the cage.
  • If no other teams are interested then the hard drives are securely shredded offsite.
  • At this point our disposal contractor is notified.
  • Each and every asset can be traced through each stage of the contractors processing plant.
  • If assets can be resold; 75% of the resale value will be returned to the Met Office.
  • All remaining assets are recycled with roughly 98% of each recycled at the local processing plant. The remainder is sold onto another contractor who can recycle it.

Last updated: 29 May 2014