Our performance in FY 2012/13

We can report that we achieved 92% of our sustainability targets in FY 2012/13

2012/13 TARGET


Our environment

Achieve a reduction in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) from 1.47 to 1.37

Met - 1.37

Limit the increase in total Met Office CO2 (excluding supercomputer) emissions to 1% (which incorporates energy consumption across whole estate, business air travel and other forms of business travel (including grey fleet).

Not met - 1.8% increase

Increase recycling from 79% to 80%

Met - 81%

Reduce total waste by 5%

Not met - 9% increase

Biodiversity - achieve Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark for two of our frontline sites and retain benchmark for our Exeter Site

Partially met - benchmark retained for Exeter HQ and work progressing at selected frontline sites but benchmark not yet achieved

Water - baseline our use of water from mains, borehole and recycled elements and use elements to inform waste usage strategy and potential targets for following years


Our community

To choose the charity partner to run from July 2012 to June 2015, involving Met Office staff in the process

Met - WaterAid chosen

To make the Street available 12 times for lunchtime engagement sessions with charities or community


To make the Conference facilities available for times for use by charities or community groups


Deliver voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) plan on time in full within +/-2% of the budget by 31st march 2013



 - Fulfil a minimum of 30 requests for visits or talks for schools and college groups

 - Our STEM ambassador will attend a total of 40 events

 - Offer 30 work experience placement during the year

Met - 43

Met - 78

Met - 41

Our people

Demonstrate our commitment to being a diverse organisation in line with our Diversity policy by conducting an Equality Analysis


Work to create an environment in which staff can realise their full potential by continuing to understand and improve employees engagement and well being and measure them through the Civil Service Employees Attitude survey


Support of employee development by embedding staff development conversations into the line management process and evaluating the benefits of development activities


Our suppliers and customers

Pay 80% of valid invoices within 5 working days

Not met - 79.11%

Understand supplier impacts for 60 % of all suppliers used


Use of Customer Experience feedback mechanisms and our regular customer surveys to seek and respond to customer feedback


Respond to requests under the FOI within the time limit stipulated (20 working days)

Not met - 99% of FOI requests were responded to within the time limit

Deal with requests under the DPA within required time limits (40 calendar days)


Last updated: 24 September 2013