Our performance in FY 2013/14

Sustainability objectives & targets

We are committed to meeting our objectives in a sustainable way. This means minimising our environmental impact, acting in a positive way in our dealings with our staff, customers and suppliers and maximising our contribution to the wider community

Our Environment

Reducing our impact on the environment

We are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that our impacts are identified and managed effectively. We are also committed to encouraging continued improvement in our environmental performance while meeting the increasing demands for weather and climate information.

In 2013/14 our specific objectives are to:

1. Energy
Maintain Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at FY12/13 actual figure of 1.37.
(PUE is an industry standard measure for Date Centre Efficiency. The Met Office is a Data Centre and has signed up EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Efficiency.) (BPM element)  Achieved

Emissions Management
a. Install smart metering in order to provide sufficient data to effectively manage our energy consumption. Achieved
b. Work with our new travel provider (Hogg Robinson Group) to ensure the delivery of the necessary management information to effectively manage our emissions from business air travel and other forms of business travel (including grey fleet). Achieved

2. Recycling
Achieve a recycling rate of 76% or above. (BPM element) Achieved 81.25%

3. Waste
Maintain total waste at FY12/13 actual figure. Achieved - 204 tonnes in FY12/13, 163 tonnes in FY13/14

4. Biodiversity - retain the Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark for our Exeter site and continue our work to enhance biodiversity at selected Front line sites. Achieved

5. Water - Achieve a 5% reduction in mains water consumption at our Exeter HQ site. (BPM element) Achieved 18% reduction

Our Suppliers and Customers

Encouraging positive business relationships with our suppliers and our customers

We are committed to operating ethically and with integrity across our business relationships and in everything we do.
We will demonstrate our commitment by:

  • Acting with integrity in our relationship with our customers and suppliers
  • Developing our sustainable and ethical procurement policies
  • Working with our suppliers to improve sustainability in our supply chain
  • Working to effectively understand and meet the needs of our customers, delivering customer satisfaction and responding to customer feedback

In 2013/14 our specific objectives are to:

  • Pay 80% of valid invoices within 5 working days. Achieved 90.4%

Increase our understanding of supplier impacts (as defined by DEFRA Greening Government Commitments) for 82% of all relevant suppliers used. Achieved

  • Use our Customer Experience feedback mechanisms and our regular customer surveys to seek and respond to customer feedback. (Note: Measure will be as for Customer BPM.) Achieved
  • To demonstrate our commitment to the Government's Transparency Agenda by publishing the following:
    • Invoices over £25,000 on the 15th of each month
    • Contracts awarded over £10, 000 on the 15th of each month
    • All GPC (Government Procurement Card) Transactions on the 6th of each month
    • Achieved

Our Community

Making a positive impact on our community

We strive to have a positive impact on society and the communities in which we work.

In 2013/14 our specific objectives are to:

  • To make the Street available 12 times for lunchtime engagement sessions with charities or community groups. Achieved
  • To make the Conference facilities available four times for use by charities or community groups. Achieved
  • Fulfil a minimum of 30 requests for visits or talks school and college groups, either at Exeter, Frontline stations or off site. (BPM element) Achieved - 36
  • Our STEM ambassadors will attend a total of 60 events. (BPM element) Achieved - 89
  • Establish Met Office Science Camp and deliver a series of pilot events in its first year. (BPM element) Achieved
  • Engage with three partner organisations to develop STEM resources and run STEM events. Achieved
  • Deliver Voluntary Co-operation Programme (VCP) plan on time in full within +/-2% of the budget by 31st March 2014. Achieved

Our People

Creating a positive workplace for our staff

We aim to be recognised as a responsible employer to both current and potential employees, investing in our staff and creating an environment in which they can realise their full potential.

In 2013/14 our specific objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the development of employees of the future by offering 40 work experience placements during the year. (BPM element) Achieved - 77
  • Demonstrate our commitment to being a diverse organisation in line with our Diversity policy by continuing our Equality Analysis work using our 2012 data as a benchmark. Achieved
  • Work to create an environment in which staff can realise their full potential by continuing to understand and improve employee engagement and well being and measure through the Civil Service Employee Attitude survey. Achieved
  • Support of employee development by embedding staff development conversations into the line management process and evaluating the benefits of development activities. Achieved

Last updated: 16 July 2014