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We aim to be recognised as a responsible employer to both current and potential employees. We invest in our staff and create an environment in which they can realise their full potential whilst also taking care of their wellbeing.

At the Met Office we aim to promote and support energetic, engaged and productive people in the workplace by maintaining a positive working relationship between employer and employee. This is done through a number of key areas which address the well-being, health, safety, diversity, equality and flexibility of staff.



In order to sustain employee performance it is vital for the Met Office to maintain high levels of wellness between staff members. This encompasses the Met Office's positive ethos towards psychological, social, physical and environmental well-being through the promotion of health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

Healthy living

We actively support the physical and emotional health of staff and encourage healthy lifestyle choices within the workplace.

We have a sports and social club and the Activ Health Club at our Exeter HQ. The Activ Health Club has a superb range of fitness machines and weights. A wide range of activities and classes are on offer. Furthermore we offer a wide range of pool bikes for fitness and healthy eating choices in the staff restaurant.

The Met Office runs a Cyclescheme and a successful car share scheme which encourages alternative ways of travelling to and from work that are healthier and more environmentally friendly. For more information about the Cyclescheme and other alternative modes of transport, see page.


Sometimes pressures in and outside of work can impact adversely on our health.

We have established an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with Right Corecare who offer a 24/7 professional counselling service to our staff members and their families in times of need.

We also have a number of Harassment Contact Officers who staff can turn to in the event of harassment.

Health and Safety

We are committed to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment.

Our proactive approach includes:

  • A range of Health and Safety policies and procedures that help the office, our managers and staff to meet legislative standards and best practice.
  • Regular consultation with staff, union representatives and senior management.
  • A rolling three-year Health and Safety inspection programme across all locations where our staff work.
  • Promoting awareness through training programmes, notice boards, our intranet and through national and international campaigns, e.g. European Week for Health and Safety.
  • Well-established welfare systems for staff and the support of flexible working where possible.


We recognise that achieving a balance between home and work life is important. The Met Office affords all members of staff the opportunity of flexibility within their role. In particular this applies to flexible working hours as an alternative to normal week working patterns, subject to internal manager agreement. This includes selective home working options and compressed or staggered hours.

Furthermore we offer a salary sacrifice option. This is when an employee gives up part of their salary in return for a non-cash benefit. Staff only have to pay tax and National Insurance contributions on what's left, resulting in significant savings.

As part of our salary sacrifice option we offer childcare vouchers and a cycle to work scheme that are government initiatives designed to help pay for childcare or green travel to work. These schemes are operated and paid for online.

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay any Ofsted (or equivalent) registered carer, this includes nurseries, childminders, nannies, play schemes, out-of-hours school clubs and holiday camps, as well as the boarding element of most schools.

Diversity and Equality

We are committed to working towards a more diverse organisation and to valuing and utilising the visible and non-visible individual differences that people bring. See our Diversity and equality page for more information.

The Met Office is proud to be awarded Two Tick positive about disabled people status. This recognises our commitment to good practice in employing disabled people. This award aims to make sure that disable people feel confident that their employer will be positive about their abilities.

The Weather Desk has a strong relationship with Exeter-based charity CEDA, offering individuals the opportunity to work in a busy business environment. See our Charity and volunteers work web pages for more information.

Have a look at the links below for more information about how we maintain good relationships between our current and future employees.

Employee engagement

Every year we carry out an Employee Attitude Survey (EAS) that forms part of the Civil Service People Survey which allows comparison between different organisations. Staff can openly and confidentially answer a range of questions on topics ranging from job-satisfaction to how well mangers react to bullying and harassment.

This year 82% of staff responded. Read the full results of the EAS 2014 Employee Attitude Survey 2014 (PDF, 512 kB) .

To find out more about the Civil Service People' Survey and view results for the service as a whole, please visit the Civil Service website.

A key element of the people survey is the 'Employee Engagement Index'. This is a measure of how engaged employees are with their work. There is clear evidence of a link between highly-engaged staff, high levels of health and well-being and organisational performance and customer satisfaction, so this is a crucial indicator. Our Employee Engagement Index was calculated at 67 percent in 2013, up 6% since 2010 when we first joined the Civil Service People Survey. This is ten percent higher than the 2013 Civil Service average.

Last updated: 3 December 2014