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Our performance in 2015/16

Sustainability performance

We monitor and measure our performance each financial year (FY).

We are committed to meeting our objectives in a sustainable way.

Find out more about how we have met our objectives here:


Suppliers and customers


Our people


1. Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

  • Monitor PUE (PUE is an industry standard measure for Date Centre Efficiency. The Met Office is a Data Centre and has signed up EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Efficiency.)

    Achieved - PUE is monitored monthly and an automated PUE reading system in place.

  • Establish a robust PUE measurement regime for the new HPC.

    Achieved - An automated PUE reading system in place.

  • Work towards targets within the Greening Government ICT Strategy & Road Map

    Achieved - TIS (IT Infrastructure) maintain a record of actions and progress against the Greening Government ICT Strategy & Road Map and the Annual return was submitted in May 2015.

  • Monitor carbon emissions from staff business air travel

    Achieved - during FY15/16 there has been an increase of 17% (against FY14/15 figures) in staff business air travel. There has been a decrease of 2% in staff business national rail travel but an increase of 7% on Eurostar usage. We have also seen increased usage of our video conferencing facilities.

  • Monitor carbon emissions from staff business white/grey fleet travel

    Achieved - during FY15/16 our staff business white fleet travel has increased by 7% on FY14/15 and our staff business grey fleet travel has decreased by 21% on FY14/15.

2.To increase recycling

  • · Achieve a recycling rate of 83% or more of total waste recycled (including waste re-used). This applies to Exeter HQ site only and is a measure of the total waste produced. (Note that for continuity of reporting, food waste processed by anaerobic digestion has been considered as recycled rather than recovered.)

    Achieved - recycling rate of 86.2% at end of FY15/16.

3.To reduce waste arising from all work based activities from our HQ

  • Monitor total waste arising

    Achieved - In 2015/16, our total waste arising was 207 tonnes - similar to our 2014/15 figure of 210 tonnes. This reflects ongoing major refurbishment works including an IT Hall refresh and changes to our floorplates to increase flexibility. However, we keep our total waste to a minimum through initiatives such as selling old office furniture for re-use and ensuring that all our IT waste is either re-used or recycled4.Reduce mains water usage

4. To reduce mains water consumption 

  • Reduce mains water consumption by 5% (based on 14/15 usage figure).

    Not achieved - In 2015/16, we saw an increase of 10% in our mains water consumption which was due to the parallel running of our old and new HPCs and changes to our cooling systems. We continue to treat water from our bore hole so that it can be mixed with mains water to be used safely in the cooling systems. Since June 2014, we have been able to recycle water discharged from our cooling systems and use this to flush our toilets.

5. Biodiversity

  • Maintain the Wildlife Trusts Biodiversity Benchmark for our Exeter site and continue our work to enhance biodiversity at selected Frontlines sites.

Achieved - We are proud to have retained the Wildlife Trusts' Biodiversity Benchmark Award for our headquarters site where our staff-led Biodiversity Working Group continues to work closely with colleagues in our Property Management team to protect and enhance biodiversity. Our ongoing work includes grassland management to benefit different butterfly species which has resulted in an increase in species such as Marbled White and Common Blue. The approach to our front entrance has been planted with waves of lavender and marjoram and we will be implementing a biodiversity rich planting scheme at our new site on the Exeter Science Park. We continue to record species observations so we can monitor the impact our work is having - during 2015 we conducted a Phase 2 habitat survey of our meadow and as well as our ongoing butterfly transects and bird surveys.

Suppliers and Customers

  • To work with suppliers to maintain the amount of invoices being received electronically direct to Accounts Payable at 70%.

    Achieved - 83.7%

  • Pay 80% of valid invoices within 5 working days

    Achieved - 85.5%

  • To demonstrate our commitment to the Government's Transparency Agenda by publishing the following:-

o All Accounts Payable on the 15th of each month

o Contracts awarded over £10,000 on the 15th of each month

o All GPC (Government Procurement Card) Transactions on the 6th of each month



  • · STEM and Science Camps

o 80 individual STEM events (excluding Met Office Science Camps) to be attended by one or more Met Office STEMNET registered STEM ambassadors (Typically these events will include children up to age 18 with the aim of engaging them with STEM. It will also include STEM Ambassadors training teachers through Code Club Pro or CPD organisations as the ultimate audience are young people.)

o To complete 4 Science Camps

Both elements need to be achieved.

    Achieved - 121 STEM events attended including visits to schools to give talks on weather and climate and careers events. 4 successful Science Camps completed, giving Year 7 students and their teachers a unique opportunity to camp out at one of the UK's premier science and engineering organisations. See our Science Camp webpage for more details.

  • · To make the Street available 12 times for lunchtime engagement sessions with staff by charities or community groups.

    Achieved - including RNLI, Families for Children and Cancer Research UK

  • ·To make the Conference facilities available four times for use by charities or community groups.

    Achieved - including Devon Communities Together and Young Enterprise

  • · Deliver the majority of the Voluntary Co-operation Programme (VCP) plan targets (t-2) on time in full within +/-2% of the budget by 31st March 2016.

    Achieved - see our VCP webpage for more details.

Our people

  • Host 75 work experience placements (of at least 1 day) across all Met Office sites.

    Achieved - we have hosted 85 work experience placements

  • · 50% of employees having attended face-to-face training or completed an on-line module on resilience and/or coping with pressure


  • · To maintain or improve on our Silver e-quality benchmark award


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