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Forecasters' Reference Book (M.O.1023)

Forecasters' Reference Book

The last edition of the Forecasters' Reference Book (FRB) published in 1997 builds on the strengths of the previous editions and handbooks, incorporating the latest science, where this is available in 'forecaster-friendly' form. From the outset, in designing the contents and format, every regard has been paid to forecasters' suggestions; the draft chapters have been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of forecasters and specialists. In this review process it became apparent that, to do justice to the copious literature on forecasting techniques, it was sensible to present not only a FRB of selected
forecasting techniques but also a more erudite account of techniques, alternatives and limitations in a Source Book. The Chapters of the FRB and the Source Book should be seen as complementing many of those in Images in Weather Forecasting, 1995 (Ed. M. Bader et al.).

John R. Starr

Meteorological Office College, Shinfield Park, February 1997

You can view the complete version of the  Forecasters Reference Book 1997 Forecasters' reference book (PDF, 25 MB)  or by chapter from the table below.

Title, Preface Title, Preface (PDF, 109 kB)
Contents Contents (PDF, 140 kB)
Chapter 1 Wind Chapter 1. Wind (PDF, 961 kB)
Chapter 2. Temperature Chapter 2. Temperature (PDF, 1 MB)
Chapter 3. Visibility Chapter 3. Visibility (PDF, 972 kB)
Chapter 4. Convection, Showers Chapter 4. Convection, Showers (PDF, 875 kB)
Chapter 5. Layer Clouds, Precipitation Chapter 5. Layer Clouds, Precipitation (PDF, 875 kB)
Chapter 6. Turbulence and Gusts Chapter 6. Turbulence and Gusts (PDF, 579 kB)
Chapter 7. To be found in the Source Book
Chapter 8. To be found in the Source Book
Chapter 9. To be found in the Source Book
Chapter 10. To be found in the Source Book
Chapter 11. Probability Forecasts Chapter 11. Probability Forecasts (PDF, 213 kB)
Chapter 12. To be found in the Source Book
Chapter 13. Sea Waves, Surges Chapter 13. Sea Waves and Surges (PDF, 377 kB)
Appendix I-IV Appendix I-IV (PDF, 293 kB)
Index Index (PDF, 471 kB)

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