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Measurement Sites

There are four measurement sites in the observation network.

Mace Head

Mace Head research station: Instrumentation is housed in the building on the right with measurements taken from the taller of the two towers. In the foreground is site operator Gerry Spain, Dickon Young and Simon O’Doherty. Mace Head atmospheric research station is situated on the west coast of Ireland.

Tall Tower Angus

The 230 meter tall tower at Angus, near Dundee in Scotland. Tall Tower Angus is located near Dundee, Scotland.

Tacolneston tower

Tacolneston tower: The left hand tower is the 200 metre tower where air sampling lines are installed. Tacolneston tower is located near Norwich, England.

Ridge Hill tower

The 166 metre tower at Ridge Hill, Herefordshire. Ridge Hill tower is located near Hereford, England.
Last Updated: 5 October 2015