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De-icing service for ground handlers

Maximise efficiency during periods of operational disruption

We can support ground handlers in providing a good quality de-icing service and efficient operations to airline customers.

Our de-icing service allows you to offer your customers the added benefit of being able to pro-actively plan resources for de-icing.

Key benefits:

Improve planning: Anti-icing and de-icing alerts are issued up to five days ahead, classified using a simple colour coded system for each airport specific to your network. This, in turn, helps you make more informed decisions more quickly.

Improve communication: Proactive de-icing instructions and warning messages, sent direct to key operational staff, can be tailored to your requirements and sent direct to individuals by SMS, email or fax. This reporting system provides justification to support the decision to de-ice and this can help you communicate to airline customers.

Improve operational efficiency: By having your de-icing team 'ready' you can improve operational efficiency and reduce the time required for operational and de-icing staff to monitor weather conditions.

Manage de-icing resources more effectively: Five-day summary of icing risk enables improved planning for fluid stocks, manpower and de-icing rig availability across your network.

Better environmental management: Reducing the use of de-icing or anti-icing fluid through better understanding of when and when not to treat, helps to reduce the impact on the environment and save money.

Verification reports: Monthly verification reports provide evidence of accuracy of service and cost savings specific to your operations.

Last updated: Jul 7, 2014 1:49 PM