General Aviation services

A comprehensive range of weather products for those who fly recreationally.

The Met Office is the world-leader in aviation meteorology, one of only two World area Forecast Centres (WAFC) and contracted by the CAA under Single European Skies (SES) as the sole provider of aviation weather in the UK.

General Aviation services

We are continually aiming to provide you with the best service possible to improve safety, and are always looking to see how we can improve and refine our General Aviation services. Our entire range of forecasts and actuals for private pilots has now undergone an enhancement programme, and the new and improved service is now available for you to use.

It provides you with tablet and mobile friendly access to the most comprehensive UK aviation weather source available for pilots, and offers large benefits in terms of ease of use and access to the most up-to-the-minute information. We are also including a NEW aerodrome warnings service - available freely for private pilots for the first time.

Our new services are running on a new platform, so you will need to create a NEW account by clicking on the link below to re-register now.

Once you have registered and set up your new GA account, please log in 

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General Aviation services existing/previous version - please note - this product has now changed.
You can continue to use this product until will be available until further notice, but we would encourage you to re-register (see above) and start using our new mobile accessible GA briefing service.
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The Met Office is proud to contribute to the flight safety of General Aviation through its membership of  GASCo (General Aviation Safety Council). GASCo is a non-profit making Registered Charity funded by its member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and other contributors, and is devoted to the promotion of flight safety.

Last updated: 17 July 2015

GetMet 2012

GetMet 2012Produced in association with the CAA, this free booklet provides essential information on where to get your met data to safely enjoy low-level flying, both in the UK and near Europe.

GetMet 2012 GetMet 2012 (PDF, 1 MB)

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