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"We have been able to reduce our use of runway de-icing fluid by 50% compared to last year." Richard Thomasson, Newquay Airport

Aircraft at Newquay airport


Located on Cornwall's north coast, Newquay Airport is the main commercial airport for Cornwall. It has a mixture of scheduled, business and general aviation traffic, with around 19,500 aircraft movements and 285,000 passengers passing through the airport each year.

With the eighth largest runway in the UK, Newquay Airport needs access to current and forecast weather conditions to plan ahead and apply de-icing fluid effectively. It is important that Newquay has a snow plan that gives airlines and passengers the confidence that Newquay Airport is able to operate all year round.


In choosing a weather provider it was important for Newquay to select a brand that is recognised and trusted within the aviation industry and by its regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Newquay Airport takes OpenRunway® and the Talk to a Forecaster service for expert weather advice from the Met Office. OpenRunway® is an online weather forecasting package providing essential weather information in one place alerting the airport to changing conditions so that Newquay Airport can plan ahead to reduce disruption. Newquay Airport also has the option of contacting a forecaster for further guidance and support.


By using OpenRunway® from the Met Office, Newquay Airport has been able to plan ahead more effectively and reduce the negative impact of weather on its operations.

During Winter 2010/11 Newquay used 50% less runway de-icing fluid compared to the previous year, saving over £20,000. Richard Thomasson, Newquay's Airport Operations Manager, feels sure that if they continue with the same fluid saving rate they could save upwards of £30,000 this winter.

Last updated: 20 April 2016

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Saving airport costs with OpenRunway
Richard Thomasson, Airport Operations Manager at Newquay Airport, tells us how the weather affects their business, why they chose the Met Office and how using OpenRunway has benefited them over the past winter.