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New developments within civil aviation

August 2011

Notice of Withdrawal of Met Fax Service - 30 September 2011

Usage of the MetFax service has been declining year on year and is now at such a level that demonstrates there is very little demand for the service.

This is partly the result of almost universal access to the public internet and the increasing availability of internet enabled mobile devices to retrieve briefing information. In addition, fax is increasingly becoming a redundant technology and we consider that the GA community can access data from web based technology at home or at flying clubs.

Following consultation with users of the service, the Met Office has decided to withdraw Met Fax with effect from 30 September 2011.

Our GA Briefing Service is available online and provides free of charge the same range of information as MetFax and also provides enhanced features as part of a low cost subscription service. In addition, our Talk to a Forecaster service provides pilots with access to one-to-one discussions with a Met Office aviation forecaster.

Please visit our General Aviation Briefing Services page for full details of the services on offer.

We continue to provide the GA community with relevant services and we ensure that they are delivered in the most appropriate manner.

November 2008

Please note that following further consultation with the CAA, the validity and outlook periods for the ballooning text forecast will be as follows:

ForecastIssue timePeriod of validityOutlook
Summer Morning (BST)2130 local
previous day
Dawn to 3 hours after dawn3 hours before dusk until dusk
Summer Evening (BST)1030 local3 hours before dusk until duskDawn to 3 hours after dawn next day
Winter Morning (GMT)2130 local
previous day
Dawn to middayMidday to dusk
Winter Afternoon (GMT)1030 localMidday to duskDawn to midday next day

The changes made ensure that the information provided relates to periods benefiting balloonists most.

Last updated: Aug 10, 2011 12:12 PM