SADIS 2nd Generation (2G) service

Introduction to the SADIS 2G service

Welcome to the SADIS 2G service. This service ensures that SADIS remains current with advances in satellite technology and user expectations. Engineered around the internet protocol (IP), SADIS 2G is designed to distribute essential WAFS and global OPMET data to your desktop - fast.

Important News:
The SADIS 2G Service will be withdrawn on 31 July 2016.   All current users of SADIS 2G, who do not yet have access to Secure SADIS FTP are strongly encouraged to make preparations to migrate from SADIS 2G to Secure SADIS FTP at the earliest opportunity.  Please contact the SADIS Manager, for further information regarding the reasons behind the withdrawal of SADIS 2G, and how to obtain access to Secure SADIS FTP.

What do I need to access SADIS 2G?

SADIS 2G is available to existing users of the SADIS service, and to new customers.

Last updated: 28 May 2015

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