Existing SADIS customers who want to access SADIS 2G

Existing customers will need to:

  • Contact the SADIS team to register your intent and schedule a move to the SADIS 2G service

Users will need to purchase the following components:

  • A SADIS 2G compatible receiver (available from iSat and Paradigm Communications)
  • A Vados Systems VadEDGE router.

Note 1: iSat and Paradigm Communications can provide a 'one-box' solution for the SADIS 2G receiver and VadEDGE router which incorporates the two components inside one physical unit. This unit can be supplied as a hardened case if required.

Note 2: Users located very close to the edge of the SADIS footprint may have to purchase a new low noise block (LNB) and/or antenna. Discuss these potential requirements with the hardware suppliers.

Note 3: Users may wish to consider purchasing their 2G hardware through their established software vendor. 

Last updated: 3 December 2013