Secure SADIS FTP Service

Introduction of the Secure SADIS FTP Service

The Secure SADIS FTP service became operational on 18 November 2010. The Secure SADIS FTP Service built upon and improved upon the now decommissioned classic SADIS FTP Service by using Digital Certification/Digital Signing techniques to allow downloaded data to be verified in order to guarantee that the data has not been corrupted, changed or otherwise tampered with. It also allows for verifying conclusively that the downloaded files originated from the UK Met Office (as SADIS Provider).

This service is provided by the Met Office in the United Kingdom, and is available to all existing SADIS 2G users recipients as a primary source of data, and to WIFS recipients (administered by USA) for contingency/backup purposes. This service provides users with an alternative, high quality internet-based mechanism for receiving WAFS and OPMET data. The Secure SADIS FTP Service is an ICAO-approved distribution system, meeting the requirements of ICAO Doc 9855 (Guidelines on the use of the Public Internet for Aeronautical Applications) and is an integral part of the SADIS service.

For user information about the SADIS FTP service (including registration, authorisation process, log-in procedure and products available) please contact the Met Office SADIS team.


  1. All existing users of SADIS 2G (or users of the now decommissioned classic SADIS FTP), will need to re-register to gain access to Secure SADIS FTP by contacting the SADIS team.

Last updated: 17 December 2013

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