Advanced weather service with SITA

AWS SITA chart

Working in partnership, the Met Office and SITA have developed a service which integrates the latest weather information with flight routes to create the most comprehensive pilot briefing available.

Accessed via SITA's Flight Briefing Online, it provides a dynamic and global view of all types of weather phenomena combined with a flight plan overlay.

What the service provides

Interactive graphical service

Combines web-based graphical images and weather briefings with flight-plan route information. This provides real-time, route-specific information to airline operations and staff.

Automatic briefing chart service

Automatically generates and outputs flight specific weather charts with flight-plan overlays. These can be based on user-specific rules and customised to user requirements.

Aircraft de-icing forecast service

Integrates the Met Office's Aircraft de-icing forecast service, which provides forecasts of aircraft de-icing conditions for airports worldwide.

Worldwide five-day forecasts

Providing accurate forecasts up to five days in advance for any airport or location. The five-day forecasts simply and effectively display the key weather phenomena expected.

For more information on Flight Briefing Services or to request a demonstration please visit the SITA website.

Last updated: 7 August 2012

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