WeatherWindows is an online forecasting system that will help you make confident weather sensitive planning decisions for your airport operations.

The service enables decision makers to plan weather dependant tasks effectively and efficiently for up to 15 days ahead.

Using WeatherWindows

By using probabilistic forecasting, WeatherWindows has been designed to build confidence into decision making by using a risk-based approach.

WeatherWindows automatically monitors and displays the best time periods for tasks to be carried out aiding your resource planning. The display uses simple colour coding showing the opportunity to carry out tasks and provides an alert system to keep you up-to-date with the latest weather developments.

You are able to define tasks to your requirements ensuring that the system only displays task information and weather windows of opportunity that are directly relevant to your planning needs.

Main uses

WeatherWindows allows you to make decisions to ensure resources such as staff, materials and contractors can be planned effectively.

WeatherWindows can aid the planning of:

  • Scheduled runway maintenance tasks
  • Airport infrastructure changes
  • Capital projects contractor scheduling

WeatherWindows key benefits

With WeatherWindows you can:

  • Make planning decisions quickly and with greater confidence
  • Reduce the need to interpret weather information
  • Plan effectively for up to 15 days ahead helping you to optimise your resource planning schedules
  • Increase efficiency through better management of resources such as staff, contractors or material purchases
  • Reduce the risk and cost associated with late cancellation of key resources

To find out how WeatherWindows can be tailored to your requirements or to arrange a demonstration, please email us or contact our Customer Centre

Last updated: 12 November 2014