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Managing supply and demand - Come rain or shine

Helping food suppliers and retailers

29 March 2016

Strong, strategic, sustainable

Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership (WCSSP) South Africa

29 March 2016

Charlotte Church

Lightning strikes twice

29 March 2016

Working together for a resilient future

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

29 March 2016

Saving lives at sea

Partnership with RNLI

29 March 2016

Food insecurity and climate change

Interactive online map

29 March 2016

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Guest articles

  • Lucy Chadwick, Director General of International, Strategy and Environment Group for DfT

    Lucy Chadwick

    Director General of the International, Strategy and Environment Group…

    1 July 2013

  • Philip Eden

    Philip Eden

    Independent Weather Journalist, Philip Eden, looks back at some of…

    25 October 2012

  • Ian Burrow

    Ian Burrow

    Ian Burrow, Head of Agriculture and Renewable Energy at NatWest,…

    5 September 2012

  • Virginia Murray

    Virginia Murray

    Virginia Murray, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at…

    10 June 2012

  • Nick Baldwin

    Nick Baldwin

    Chair of the Public Weather Service Customer Group on making sure…

    21 May 2012

  • Iain Stewart

    Iain Stewart

    Earth scientist and TV presenter Iain Stewart looks at how geologists…

    3 March 2011

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