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17 February 2014

The Dominica Meteorological Service is already seeing the benefits of its new television studio installed by the Met Office.

Television weather broadcasts started in Dominica early in January, introducing a new user friendly and accessible method of communicating weather information to the public.

The Met Office's Design & Innovation Specialist, David Robinson, travelled to Dominica in November to install the TV weather presentation system. He also used his extensive knowledge and experience to deliver training in design, production, presenting, communication skills and studio maintenance.

The project, implemented in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization's (WMO) Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) provides another channel for the Dominica Meteorological Service to communicate information to the general public and decision-makers to save lives and property. Daily television weather forecasts warn people of potential weather hazards like heavy rains, flash flooding, landslides, high winds and seas.

Fitzroy Pascal, Senior Level Meteorological Technician at the Dominica Meteorological Service said, "This is a step in the right direction in the development of Dominica's early warning system capabilities. It is essential that we keep abreast with technological advancements and provide weather information, both routine and adverse, to users through various media."

Scott's head, south of the capital Roseau.
City scene of the capital Roseau.
Dominica Meteorological Service building at Canefield Airport in Roseau.
Runway at Canefield Airport in Roseau.
Met Office's Design & Innovation Specialist, David Robinson, meeting Marshall Alexander and Janelle Garraway-McPherson in the Dominica Meteorological Service operational room at Canefield Airport in Roseau.
The TV studio before work started on the conversion at the Government headquarters in Roseau.
The technical audio and visual equipment installed.
TV studio installation work with Marshall Alexander.
Studio training with Marshall Alexander, Annie Carrette Joseph and Farrah Rocque Carriere.
Studio training with Annie Carrette Joseph, Ashar Bryan and Farrah Rocque Carriere.
Studio training with Annie Carrette Joseph and Farrah Rocque Carriere.
Radio equipment training with Ashar Bryan.
Presenter training with Farrah Rocque Carriere.
Presenter training with Marshall Alexander.
Recording the broadcast with Marshall Alexander.
First Dominica weather broadcast presented by Farrah Rocque Carriere.

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