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  • Making a difference - Busy bees

    Making a difference

    Our commitment to sustainability

    18 July 2012

  • African farmer

    Stronger together

    Forging international relationships

    18 July 2012

  • Forecasters in residence

    Forecasters in residence

    Forecasters embedded within organisations

    18 July 2012

  • Midges

    Wind-borne virus

    Assessing the risk of Schmallenberg

    18 July 2012

  • Earth from space

    Observations from space

    Satellite data and imagery are absolutely critical

    18 July 2012

  • Weather on show - BBC Countryfile

    Weather on show

    Supporting media projects.

    18 July 2012

  • Battle for the Winds logo

    Watching the winds

    Art and science meet as two contrasting groups of people focus on the wind for the Olympic sailing events in Weymouth and Portland.

    9 July 2012

  • Business risk

    Weather and business risk

    Accurate weather and climate forecasts can help predict and anticipate risk so businesses are better prepared for the future.

    26 June 2012

  • Julia Slingo

    Responding to environmental change

    Interdependent and increasingly vulnerable

    19 June 2012

  • Ken Mylne

    Playing the game of uncertainty

    How to communicate probabilities

    13 April 2012

  • Setting the standards for wind power

    Setting the standards for wind power

    Helping the renewables industry

    28 March 2012

  • Award-winning media

    Award-winning media

    New ways of communicating

    28 March 2012

  • Space weather

    Forecasting space weather

    Although the Sun is over 90 million miles away from Earth, life on this planet simply couldn't exist without it. But what's often overlooked is that the Sun is in constant flux and that this change - or solar activity - has a direct effect on Earth. The phenomenon is known as space weather and it's the reason why the Met Office has been working in partnership with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) since February 2011 - sharing valuable knowledge and developing the UK's space weather forecasting capabilities.

    28 March 2012

  • Getting people talking

    We get people talking

    Met Office Conversations

    28 March 2012

  • A hot phenomenon

    A hot phenomenon

    Urban heat islands

    10 December 2011

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