How to create the ultimate snowman

You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who didn’t want to relive their youth by slipping on a pair of gloves, and building a whopping big snowman.

The guys at Crystal Ski Holidays live for snow so when a flurry coats the land in a pristine white they know exactly how to build the ultimate snowman. Here are their top tips:

Firstly, you need the right conditions

Building an awesome snowman doesn’t just require snow, a carrot and a bit of enthusiasm - oh no - the stars, or clouds, need to align. Like an egg waiting to hatch, everything needs to be just right.

Firstly, you need the right kind of snow. If it’s too powdery it simply won’t stick. You need your snow nice and moist so you can pack it tight and allow it to keep its shape. When snow has fallen at around 0° C, you know you’re in for a big build.

Finding the right location also falls into this category. Nobody wants a snowman’s smile to melt into a pout, a disproving face on your doorstep. Find a shady spot and give your snowman a longer and more fulfilling life.

The right equipment

Now, there’s no right or wrong answer to the right equipment but sprouts for eyes is a no-no, unless you really do want your snowman to be looking on, green with envy, at other snowmen. Lumps of coal are of course the classic, but stones and pebbles work nicely.

If your snowman is feeling particularly flamboyant why not use some large marbles for eyes. A nose needs a carrot and stones are generally regarded as the best ingredients for a smile. Painting the stones will add some colour to your snowman; add a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, hat, maybe even some headphones, a skateboard, anything to give your character a bit of your own personality. Now it’s time to get started.

Don’t forget to wrap up

Like you may wrap up your frosty friend with a scarf and hat, you must do too. Extra layers are paramount and don’t forget the one key item, gloves. It may be even worth carrying a spare pair if the damp starts to seep through your first pair.

A nice, thick pair of socks and shoes that won’t leak are important for trudging through the snow and if you’re building close to any road or driveway make your fun that little bit more responsible with some high visibility clothing.

Now, time to get started

We’re all wrapped up, the gloves are on, the snow is moist and we’re ready to build the ultimate snowman. We think it’s common practice to start from the bottom, and with good reason too.

Build from the base

Like anything, it’s integral to have a solid foundation which is why your bottom snowball is the most important. Grab a handful of snow, pack it nice and tight, and get rolling. Roll the ball along a segment of the space and start to build your snowman.

You should keep an eye on the amount of snow your using as you don’t want a snowman that’s disproportionate. Before setting off rolling, survey your space and have an idea in your mind of exactly how big you can go with the whole snowman as the bottom layer dictates the rest of the build.

Once you’ve got the bottom snow ball completed – and make sure you roll it in all directions to ensure a spherical shape – it’s a good idea to slice the top off your snowball to create a flat surface for your next ball to sit on.

The middle tier

It’s a case of rinse and repeat for this section; it involves the same process, building a slightly smaller snow ball. In this instance, however, it is a good idea to slice both the top and bottom off the ball creating a flat and stable surface on either side.

It’s a similar story with the head. Create a slightly smaller ball once more, slice off the bottom so it sits on the middle tier a little firmer, and you’ve got the full body of your snowman.

Firming up your snowman

Once your snow balls are stacked up, fill up the gaps and in between the tiers slightly with more snow to give the body a little more stability. This can be done at the base also to ensure it doesn’t topple as well as nobody pinching what will be the best snowman in the neighbourhood.

Giving your snowman a face

It’s where things get a little more interesting. With the equipment you’ve already collected, it’s time to add a bit of life to your snowman. A top tip is to work on your snowman’s face on the side of its head which is less likely to have the sun beaming down on it.

Start with the eyes and work your way down, before adding any accessories at the end. You can secure accessories such as hats and any props with snow to keep things a little more stable, and then voila, you have the ultimate snowman. A snowman so good you really will be walking in the air!