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Climate Service

1 July 2010

The Met Office is developing a Climate Service as a natural extension of its weather service, in response to growing user interest and evolving scientific capability.

We are building on our existing expertise, for example, the world-renowned Met Office Hadley Centre and Met Office Consulting are both well established in providing climate advice to a variety of customers. With growing emphasis on forecasting on timescales from months to seasons to years, the development of the Climate Service is an expansion of our weather service role.

Our intention is to improve our current global capability and reach by working in partnership with others, such as the Natural Environment Research Council, academia and customers. The Climate Service encompasses observations, research, operational predictions and delivery of products and services for all sectors that depend on climate information, both within the UK and abroad.

This work has already involved a Climate Science Research Programme for the UK Department for International Development in Africa, and new climate services for reinsurance. These are long-term relationships built on close interaction to help shape critical and costly decisions. We expect to be asked to develop further such strategic climate services over the coming years.

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