Julia Slingo

A new synergy

1 July 2010

The Met Office Research and Development (R&D) section is to be restructured.

Forecasting R&D and Climate Science will be unified under a single Science Directorate to reflect the synergy between weather and climate that is driving the research agenda.

The new structure will allow us to make full use of our unique position of having weather forecasting and climate prediction in the same organisation. This will enable us to respond better to the changing and increasing requirements of our customers.

The Science Directorate will be led by Met Office Chief Scientist, Professor Julia Slingo (shown above) who enters the new post of Director of Science. New areas have been created to make the Met Office even more efficient and flexible: Foundation Science will draw on those parts of Forecasting R&D and Climate Research which are fundamental to all our science and prediction activities, while two other areas, Weather Science and Climate Science, will cover the main activities of Forecasting R&D and Climate Research.

We have also created a new Head of Science Partnerships, which recognises the increasingly important role that the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK universities and our international partners play in our science base.

This is an exciting step for Met Office science and forms part of our long-term strategy to maintain our position as a world-leader in science, forecasting and climate services.

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