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More the merrier

28 February 2011

We've recently made a significant change to our forecasts, increasing the number of location forecasts to 5,000.

Previously, we generated around 480 site-specific forecasts for the UK. Normally updated twice a day or sometimes more, these produced the forecasts shown, for example, on our website, iPhone app, and the BBC. The advantage of having 5,000 sites is that we can now produce forecasts for nearly all population concentrations and other points of interest across the UK. This means you can now get forecasts closer to your exact desired location - sometimes literally down the road. More locations provide a more complete picture so our forecasts will be even more consistent.

All our public forecasts will soon use data from the 5,000 sites. Currently, you can access all 5,000 sites through our mobile phone weather pages, the Weather Widget, or from the Invent area of our website.

Invent showcases our plans for presenting web-based weather forecasts. Simply type your location or postcode into the search box and you'll be given a choice of the sites closest to you.

See www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/pws/invent/weathertext/

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