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New Flood Forecasting Service in Scotland

28 February 2011

The Met Office and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), with support from the Scottish Government, are establishing a Flood Forecasting Service for Scotland.

The new service brings together experts from the two organisations in partnership. It will provide better advice and warnings to the Emergency Response Community, enabling it to better prepare for and respond to floods. It will also improve Scotland's resilience in the preparation for and management of significant flood events.

Phil Evans, Director of Government Services at the Met Office said: "This partnership between SEPA and the Met Office, supported by the Scottish Government, will enhance flood resilience in Scotland. The Met Office and our weather forecasting team at Aberdeen are delighted to be supporting this new service. The Scottish Government's investment in the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service will allow SEPA's expertise in flood warnings and advice to be brought together with the Met Office's experience in weather and other environmental hazards to ensure Scotland has the best advice possible."

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