1 August 2011

Tropical cyclones are among the most destructive meteorological systems on earth. StormTracker, our new tropical storm forecast service, provides unique access to 15 day forecasts and in depth visualisation of tropical storm risks.

StormTracker combines the world's best forecasting data and science to aid decision making, help with risk evaluation and enable the comparison of past and present storms.

Both free and advanced paid-for versions of StormTracker are available. The free version provides access to the latest tracks of current storms, five-day forecast tracks for current tropical storms from the Met Office Unified Model, the latest observed cloud cover and sea surface temperature.

StormTracker screenshot

Historical tracks of more than 150 year's worth of named storms can be compared with current forecasts and storm tracks. The advanced version also includes 15 day probabilistic forecasts from three different forecasting models.

Find out more about StormTracker and register for the free version

Discover the science of predicting tropical storms with Julian Heming, Met Office Tropical Prediction Scientist

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