Combating winter delays

10 December 2011

We're working closely with some of the world's leading airlines and airports to help them run their operations safely and smoothly, save money and reduce delays.

Keeping runways open in severe weather is a huge challenge. By using OpenRunway® from the Met Office, airports are able to plan ahead to reduce the negative impacts of weather on their operations. For example, the airport company BAA uses OpenRunway to help keep runways open for trouble-free departures and arrivals.

During cold weather, ice can form on aircraft wings presenting a serious danger to aircraft safety. Our Aircraft De-icing Service is proven to give accurate forecasts of icing up to five days ahead. The airline bmi has benefited from our De-icing Service by reducing unnecessary aircraft de-icing costs and related delays.

Now, the Met Office has developed WeatherWindows, a new online tasked-based planning tool for airports. It enables decision-makers to plan weather-dependent tasks up to 15 days ahead. So, whatever the weather throws at us this winter, we're on hand to help airports and airlines stay on schedule.

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