Route-based forecasting

Route-based forecasting

10 December 2011

Heavy rain, snow and ice can result in dangerous conditions, particularly on the roads. Our route-based forecasts are helping those responsible for managing the UK road network to optimise their winter maintenance activities to keep road users safe.

Every winter, we contribute to keeping the country moving by providing accurate forecasts and warnings. To limit the impact on the travelling public, it's vital that road maintenance decision-makers have warnings of hazards like ice so they can apply precautionary treatment, such as salting the roads.

Our route-based forecasts are providing considerable benefits since they became operational in October 2011 as part of our OpenRoad forecast package. Now, winter maintenance operatives can determine much more accurately which sections of road need gritting. This means they can selectively treat routes, or segments of routes, in order to manage salt supplies more effectively, operate more efficiently, and reduce costs without compromising safety.

Route-based forecasting video

Route Based Forecasting
Route Based Forecasting (RBF) helps road maintenance operatives optimise their winter activities, primarily gritting.

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