Water intelligence

Water intelligence

13 November 2012

We are working closely with the water industry to launch a suite of innovative weather intelligence models.

For the water industry, operational and financial performance is closely linked to weather conditions. As climate change is predicted to increase the likelihood of weather extremes, together with the additional pressure on water resources, our forecasts are becoming ever more important.

To better anticipate the effect of weather across the water distribution network, we are combining our forecasting expertise with industry specific knowledge of companies like Thames Water. The result is new intelligence models that are designed to improve understanding of the impacts of the weather on pipe leakage and burst, as well as demand and seasonal night use.

Within the water industry there is a move from requiring post-event analysis, to wanting more proactive impact-based forecast services. As Stephen Herndlhofer, Manager of Risk & Analytics at Yorkshire Water describes:

"The risk from extreme weather to the operational and financial performance of our business, as evidenced by recent events, does appear to be increasing."

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