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Weather extremes

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Why have we done this?

National weather records are shown in the tables below. Last updated December 2011.

These weather records are only given for stations with standard instruments and exposure, to ensure consistency. Although there are a few instances where records have been broken by non-standard stations, these are not accepted as official records for this reason.

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Select the country name for monthly temperature records.

More information about daily temperature records.

All daily maximum and minimum temperature records quoted below are based on the period 0900–0900 GMT

Automatic weather stations also report day-time 0900–2100 GMT and night-time 2100–0900 GMT maximum and minimum temperatures.

Day-time and night-time values should not be compared directly against daily records, particularly for highest daily minimum and lowest daily maximum. In some unusual weather situations the day-time minimum may be lower than the night-time minimum. Alternatively, the night-time maximum may be higher than the day-time maximum. In either situation this makes a comparison with the daily records invalid.

We do not quote highest/lowest maximum/minimum day-time and night-time records separately. The main reason is that manual climate stations only report daily 0900–0900 GMT maximum and minimum temperatures. These manual stations form a significant proportion of the overall station network, particularly further in the past. Therefore the compilation of day-time and night-time temperature records would be based on an incomplete station network.

Highest daily maximum temperature records
Country Temperature Date Location
England 38.5 °C 10 August 2003 Faversham (Kent)
Wales 35.2 °C 2 August 1990 Hawarden Bridge (Flintshire)
Scotland 32.9 °C 9 August 2003 Greycrook (Scottish Borders)
Northern Ireland 30.8 °C 30 June 1976 Knockarevan (County Fermanagh)
12 July 1983 Shaw's Bridge, Belfast (County Antrim)

Highest daily maximum temperature records by district

Highest daily minimum temperature records
Country Temperature Date Location
England 23.9 °C 3 August 1990 Brighton (East Sussex)
Wales 22.2 °C 19 July 1948 Swansea, Victoria Park (West Glamorgan)
Scotland 20.5 °C 2 August 1995 Creebridge (Wigtownshire)
Northern Ireland 20.6 °C 31 July 1868 Armagh (County Armagh)
Lowest daily maximum temperature records
Country Temperature Date Location
Scotland -15.9 °C 29 December 1995 Fyvie Castle (Aberdeenshire)
England -11.3 °C 11 January 1982 Newport (Shropshire)
Northern Ireland -11.3 °C 23 December 2010 Edenfel (County Tyrone)
Wales -8.0 °C 12 January 1987 Trecastle (Dyfed)
Lowest daily minimum temperature records
Country Temperature Date Location
Scotland -27.2 °C 11 February 1895 Braemar (Aberdeenshire)
10 January 1982 Braemar (Aberdeenshire)
30 December 1995 Altnaharra (Highland)
England -26.1 °C 10 January 1982 Newport (Shropshire)
Wales -23.3 °C 21 January 1940 Rhayader (Powys)
Northern Ireland* -18.7 °C 24 December 2010 Castlederg (County Tyrone)

* -19.4 °C was recorded on 23 January 1881 at Omagh (County Tyrone), from a screen mounted on a north-facing wall. Due to the non-standard nature of this station, this is not accepted as the official minimum temperature record for Northern Ireland.

Lowest daily minimum temperature records by district


Sunshine hours

Highest monthly sunshine records
Country Hours Date Location
England 383.9 hours July 1911 Eastbourne (Sussex)
Wales 354.3 hours July 1955 Dale Fort (Pembrokeshire)
Scotland 329.1 hours May 1975 Tiree (Argyll & Bute)
Northern Ireland 298.0 hours June 1940 Mount Stewart (County Down)

Gust speed

Highest gust speed records (low-level sites)
Country Speed Date Location
Scotland 123
13 February 1989 Fraserburgh (Aberdeenshire)
Northern Ireland 108
12 January 1974 Kilkeel (County Down)
Wales 108
28 October 1989 Rhoose (Vale of Glamorgan)
England 103
15 December 1979 Gwennap Head (Cornwall)

The highest gust speed from a high level site is 150 knots (173 mph) at Cairngorm Summit (1,245 metres AMSL) on 20 March 1986.

Gust speed records by district



Highest 24-hour rainfall totals for a rainfall day (0900-0900 GMT)
England 279 mm 18 July 1955 Martinstown (Dorset)
Scotland 238 mm 17 January 1974 Sloy Main Adit (Argyll & Bute)
Wales 211 mm 11 November 1929 Lluest Wen Reservoir (Mid Glamorgan)
Northern Ireland 159 mm 31 October 1968 Tollymore Forest (County Down)

The highest 24-hour total for any 24-hour period is 316.4 mm from 0000 to 2359 on 19th November 2009 at Seathwaite, Cumbria.

UK rainfall records for consecutive rainfall days (0900-0900 GMT)
Highest 2-day total 395.6 mm 18 to 19 November 2009 Seathwaite (Cumbria)
Highest 3-day total 456.4 mm 17 to 19 November 2009 Seathwaite (Cumbria)
Highest 4-day total 495.0 mm 16 to 19 November 2009 Seathwaite (Cumbria)
UK rainfall records for short durations
Highest 5-minute total *32 mm 10 August 1893 Preston (Lancashire)
Highest 30-minute total 80 mm 26 June 1953 Eskdalemuir (Dumfries & Galloway)
Highest 60-minute total 92 mm 12 July 1901 Maidenhead (Berkshire)
Highest 90-minute total 117 mm 8 August 1967 Dunsop Valley (Lancashire)
Highest 120-minute total #193 mm 19 May 1989 Walshaw Dean Lodge (West Yorkshire)
Highest 120-minute total #155 mm 11 June 1956 Hewenden Reservoir (West Yorkshire)
Highest 155-minute total 169 mm 14 August 1975 Hampstead (Greater London)
Highest 180-minute total 178 mm 7 October 1960 Horncastle (Lincolnshire)

* Approximate value
# Reservations about Walshaw value, Hewenden value is next highest accepted value.

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