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Exceptional warmth New
A  brief heatwave from 12 to 15 September brought some exceptionally high temperatures accompanied by flash-flooding...


hightemp2Exceptional warmth
December 2015 was easily the warmest December on record across the UK...
rain2Heavy rainfall/flooding
A sequence of heavy rainfall events in late December led to further widespread severe flooding across northern parts of the UK...

Heavy rainfall/flooding
Persistent heavy rainfall from storm Desmond on 4 to 6 December led to widespread flooding in Cumbria and across other parts of northern Britain...


1 July
The UK experienced a 1-day heatwave as hot air moved north from Spain, setting a new July temperature record...


rainwind1Ex-hurricane Bertha
10 to 11 August
The UK experienced some unseasonably windy and very wet weather from the remnants of ex-hurricane Bertha...

Winter storms
Late January to mid-February
From late January to mid-February, a sequence of major winter storms again affected the UK, causing widespread impacts and major flooding problems...



Winter storms
December to early January 2014
From mid-December to early January, the UK experienced a spell of extreme weather as a succession of major winter storms brought widespread impacts...


Strong Winds
28 October
A powerful autumn storm brought damaging winds across much of southern England on 28 October 2013...


Hot dry spell
From 3 to 23 July 2013 the UK experienced a spell of hot, sunny weather with an area of high pressure established across the UK...


Snow and low temperatures
Late March to early April
A spell of severe winter weather brought significant snowfalls and unseasonably low temperatures to many parts of the UK from late March to early April 2013...


rain2Exceptionally wet spell/flooding 
November 2012
A sequence of heavy rainfall events in late November 2012 resulted in one of the wettest weeks in England in the last 50 years...

Record rainfall/flooding 
April to July 2012
From April to July 2012 the UK experienced a period of exceptionally wet weather, breaking previous rainfall records...


England and Wales drought 
2010 to March 2012

Much of central, eastern and southern England and Wales experienced a prolonged period of below average rainfall from 2010 to early 2012...


Strong Winds 
A major winter storm brought very strong winds across much of the UK on 3 January 2012. The worst affected area was southern Scotland...



Strong winds
Late November to mid December
On 8 December 2011, a deep Atlantic low pressure system brought very strong winds across the northern half of the UK. Scotland bore the brunt of the storm...


Exceptionally warm and dry Spring
Spring 2011 (March, April and May)
This period was remarkable for the unusual warmth during April and the persistent lack of rainfall during March and April, particularly over England and Wales...


snowSnow and low temperatures
25 November - 26 December
From late November to Boxing Day 2010 the UK experienced two spells of severe winter weather with very low temperatures and significant snowfalls...
rain2Heavy rainfall and flooding in Cornwall
16 - 17 November
Very heavy rainfall in the early hours of 17 November resulted in severe flooding to parts of Cornwall...
snowSnow and low temperatures
17 December 2009 - 15 January
The UK experienced a spell of very low temperatures and significant snowfalls which affected almost the whole country...


snowEarly February snowfalls
2 - 6 February
Heavy snowfalls over much of the United Kingdom in early February...
rain2Heavy rainfall/flooding in the Lake District
18 - 19 November

Exceptionally prolonged and heavy rainfall on 18 and 19 November led to severe flooding across parts of the Lake District...


rain2Heavy rainfall
5 - 6 September

Prolonged rainfall resulted in flooding, especially in south Wales and north-east England...
thunderstormThunderstorms over east Devon
 29 - 30 October
Heavy and thundery downpours over east Devon, with flooding and travel disruption...
windStrong winds
10 - 12 March

Strong winds over England and Wales caused some disruption to transport and power supplies over this period...
snowSnow and low temperatures
28 - 30 October

Record low October temperatures and snow reported across many areas of the UK...


rain2Heavy rainfall/flooding

Record July totals and heavy rainfall on 19/20 July, resulted in widespread flooding and transport disruption over the south Midlands...
rain2Record rainfall
June-July & May-July

Record totals over England and Wales for both of these periods...
rain2Heavy rainfall/flooding

Record June totals and heavy rainfall on 12/15 June (N Ireland & N England) and 24/25 June (Yorkshire and the Humber), resulted in widespread flooding and disruption...


drywarmsunRecord temperatures and sunshine

July 2006 was the warmest month on record over much of the UK and the sunniest over parts of England...
droughtDry spell 2004/6
22 January

Between November 2004 and July 2006, 17 out of the 21 months recorded below-average rainfall across England SE & Central S...


rain2Flooding in Carlisle
8 January

Heavy rainfall on Friday 7th January led to flooding in Carlisle on Saturday 8th..
windStrong winds

There were two particularly stormy spells - on the 7th/8th and 11th/12th - each resulting in widespread damage and disruption
rain2Flooding in North Yorkshire
19 June

Heavy and thundery downpours over northern England resulted in flooding around the North York Moors...


windStrong winds/heavy rainfall
7 - 8 July

Strong winds caused problems to transport, as well as power supplies, with heavy rain in East Anglia...
rain2Flooding in north Cornwall
16 August

Heavy rain in north Cornwall caused flash floods in Boscastle and Crackington Haven...


hightemp2Record temperatures
26 - 27 January

Parts of the UK experienced very unseasonable, mild weather...
rain2Heavy rainfall
20 - 23 November

After a dry summer and autumn, heavy rain fell over south-east England...
hightemp2Record temperatures 
10 August

Brogdale near Faversham (Kent) has set the new UK temperature record...
droughtDry weather during 2003 
7 November

Rainfall totals have generally been below average for most of the year...


rain2Heavy rainfall/Strong winds 
14 - 15 October

Heavy rain fell over much of southern and eastern England...
windHeavy rainfall/Strong winds 
13 October

Heavy rainfall and Strong winds occurred over much of the south-west of the UK...
rain2Heavy rainfall
October - December

Heavy rain during October to December 2002...
windStrong winds
27 October

There were gales and severe gales over much of the south of the UK on the 27 October 2002...


thunderstormStorms in the south-west 
20 October
sunnyDecember record sunshine
rain2Heavy rainfall in the east 
21 October


thunderstormThe Bracknell storm
7 May
rain3 Record April rainfall
rain2Wet Autumn


rain3Flooding in the Midlands 


hightemp2Hot Spell 
windBurns' Day Storm
25 January

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