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Midlands: climate

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The Midlands area includes the Cotswold Hills to the south, the Northamptonshire uplands to the east, the Peak District to the north and is bounded by the Welsh border to the west. It includes the Severn and Avon valleys, with their rivers flowing to the south, and the valley of the eastward-flowing Trent in the northern part of the area. Between these 3 valleys is a plateau of altitude 100 - 250 metres, with industrial Birmingham and the Black Country. The Avon and Severn valleys combine in the Vale of Evesham, noted for horticulture. To the west of the Severn are the foothills of the Welsh mountains, rising to about 540 metres in the Clee Hills. To the south of the Avon, the limestone uplands of the Cotswolds rise in a steep escarpment and extend north-eastwards with more gentle slopes into Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. To the north, the Peak District has extensive areas of upland, rising to over 400 metres in north Derbyshire.

The Midlands lies at the geographic heart of England. As such, it has a climate that is essentially transitional between northern and southern England in terms of temperature and between Wales and eastern England as regards rainfall.

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