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Historic station data

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Why have we done this?

Map showing stations

Blue dots indicate stations which are now closed.

The data consist of:

  • Mean daily maximum temperature (tmax)
  • Mean daily minimum temperature (tmin)
  • Days of air frost (af)
  • Total rainfall (rain)
  • Total sunshine duration (sun)

The monthly mean temperature is calculated from the average of the mean daily maximum and mean daily minimum temperature i.e. (tmax+tmin)/2

Missing data (more than two days missing in a month) have been indicated by "---".

Estimated data (where available) have been indicated by "*" after the value.

Sunshine data using a Kipp and Zonen sensor have been indicated by a "#" after the value. All other sunshine data have been recorded using a Campbell-Stokes recorder.


Station data files are updated on a rolling monthly basis, around 10 days after the end of the month. Data are indicated as provisional until the full network quality control has been carried out. After this, data are final.

No allowances have been made for small site changes and developments in instrumentation.

Data and statistics for other stations, and associated charges, can be obtained by contacting our Customer Centre.

How to load historic station data into Microsoft Excel

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