Building and Construction

Building & Construction feature group

  1. To assist you in meeting deadlines and allocating resources Learn how we can help you meet deadlines and allocate resources
  2. Tools to help you develop contingency plans and negotiate realistic contracts Helping you identify potential downtime and develop contingency plans
  3. Reports that will enable you to refine future procedures or settle contractual disputes Our post-project reports will enable you to refine future procedures

Building and Construction

Reduce the impact of weather on your construction projects with our tailored construction forecasting and reporting services

The Met Office has a comprehensive range of products and services specifically designed to help you keep your project on track, including:

  • Project planning - we have a range of forecasting, analysis and climate services to aid scheduling and project estimates
  • Project delivery - we have site specific services and warning services to keep you on-schedule and reduce the chances of downtime on site
  • Post-project issues - our range of reports provide trusted and accurate information to aid contract resolution

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Last updated: 21 July 2014