Location-based reports

Industry-leading reports that accurately reflect onsite conditions

The latest additions to our construction portfolio are Location-Based Reports. The reports now provide weather information, from over 3,600 locations, that accurately reflects onsite conditions. Available as:

Location-based monthly planning averages

Planning average reports provide you with the average expected weather conditions for a given month. Looking over a 30 year period we can provide a clear picture of what seasonal norms you can expect at your site during your project.

Location-based monthly downtime summaries 

Monthly downtime summary reports provide you with the detailed weather conditions experienced within a particular month(s) of interest and compare this to the LTAs and 1-in-10 year values. This makes it easy to match any onsite downtime against recorded weather. In addition, you can identify weather conditions that fall outside of the normal parameters and could not have been planned for.

Main features:

  • Accurate reflection of onsite weather conditions
  • Up to 16 weather parameters including wind as standard
  • Suitable for use with a variety of building contracts including NEC clause 60.1(13)
  • Clear easy to use format
  • Volume discounts available - save up to 79%

Location Based Reports - weather parameters from over 3,600 locations3,600 locations

The increased number of weather locations means our reports now reflect the weather as closely as possible to your site.


To create the new Location-based reports we have combined the historic gridded database of Long Term Average values with a database of present observations used to drive the supercomputer forecasting models. The new system has been rigorously tested over a year to verify its robustness and we are confident in the value they offer. Read our in depth Location Based Reports methodology technical report (PDF, 235 kB) on how the testing was conducted.

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Last updated: 23 October 2015

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