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We understand the pressure to ensure projects are delivered on time and the need to efficiently plan on-site resourcing. Our range of forecast services and intelligent planning tools will help take the pressure off.

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Until 31 March, we are offering significant savings on a number of products to help you manage the impact of weather on your business

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Forecast services

  • Tower crane forecast: Identify the optimum time to hire expensive crane equipment to ensure you don't commit to unnecessary spend. This site specific, threshold based forecast service, provides you with mean and gust wind speeds as well as direction, at specific heights for up to five days. Meaning you can better plan your resources around the weather.

           Tower Crane Forecast Tower Crane Forecast sample (PDF, 9 kB)

  • Warning services: Designed to keep you ahead of the weather and ensure onsite teams are safe. Warning services can be set up according to your requirements, making this a flexible and valuable on-site service.
  • Monthly Outlook: This forecast service provides you with weather advice out to 30 days ahead for ten regions of the UK. Presenting a range of weather parameters in text format or as a combination of visual maps and tables.

Intelligent planning tools

  • Weather windows: Optimise your scheduling of weather dependant activities with our online tool. We will include your tasks and thresholds to help you identify the days the weather will allow for an activity to successfully be completed (out to 15 days). Updated 4 time daily, this web-based service will help you to eliminate weather-related downtime and excess hire charges for large equipment standing dormant on site.

             WeatherWindows WeatherWindows product information (PDF, 2 MB)

  • VisualEyes: VisualEyes™ can help you manage health and safety risks, better plan your operations, reduce costs and enhance revenue. This fully flexible system allows you to:
  • Choose the forecast and real time weather elements you want to view
  • Select the timeframes you want from the past 2 hours, out to 14 days ahead
  • Set the alert thresholds according to your risk profile

This means you can generate customisable weather analysis reports designed for your specific needs.

Free services

  • Public Weather Service: We provide a wide range of free forecasts and warnings to help you make informed decisions about your day to day activities.
  • National Severe Weather Warnings: We issue warnings of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption through our National Severe Weather Warning Service.

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Last updated: 13 January 2015

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