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Climate Science Research Partnership

The Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP) worked with African stakeholders to improve the understanding and practical prediction of African climate to help alleviate poverty.

A partnership between the Department for International Development (DFID) of the UK Government and the Met Office Hadley Centre is working, in consultation with African stakeholders, to advance the scientific understanding of African climate now and in the future, and bring new science into use.


CSRP research aims to improve understanding and prediction of climate towards supporting sustainable poverty alleviation The CSRP has a strong strategy for developing science to support sustainable poverty reduction

Results from CSRP Phase 1

Our challenge is to be prepared for whatever may be on the horizon. Learn about Phase 1 of the project focusing on research predictions from months to several years ahead, as well as capacity development.

Research Fellowships

Focused collaborative research is essential for building predictive capability and practical tools CSRP-1 Research Fellows are African climate researchers and applied climate scientists/practitioners.

Results from CSRP Phase 2

CSRP is working to improve understanding and prediction of African climate, and bring forecasts into use Learn about the results of Phase 2 of the project.


Project Documentation Project documentation is available for download from this page

Links to African Centres

The Atlantic ocean and Africa as seen from space. We are working with institutions across Africa to achieve CSRP aims
Last Updated: 31 October 2014