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Focused collaborative research is essential for building predictive capability and practical tools
Focused collaborative research is essential for building predictive capability and practical tools

Output 4

Strengthening African science capacity through research fellowships and knowledge transfer.

Led by  Richard Graham.

This Output aims to contribute to the continuous development of African climate science research capacity and strengthen the activities of regional climate centres. This will be achieved through a combination of fellowships, training workshops and collaborative working with African scientists and regional centres.

The specific activities that will be supported to develop African research capacity will be determined during the initial on-site consultation mentioned above. They are likely to comprise activities to meet short term requirements as well as specific actions aimed at creating new capabilities with long term requirements in mind. The former will focus on enhancing the capacity of existing meteorological and climate information network to transfer climate information to 'boundary agents and agencies'. The latter will likely involve fellowships to African graduate students to pursue research on African climate issues. Subjects will be chosen to contribute to core science Outputs 1, 2 and 3, and fellows will be attached to the science teams developing those components.

A number of options will be considered to strengthen the activities of regional centres. One option will be to append tailored training workshops to targeted RCOF (Regional Climate Outlook Forum) meetings. Another involves establishing a new learning platform through an alternative network, such as CCAA (Climate Change Adaptation in Africa). The full costs and benefits of each option will be evaluated during the initial consultation and detailed plans drawn up during the project's inception phase.

The scoping study identified several potential partners for capacity building, including START, the global change SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training, IRI, The International Research Institute for Climate Prediction and ACCFP, African Climate Change Fellowship Program. Special efforts will be made to ensure capacity building activities promoted under the CSRP add value to these existing programmes.

Last Updated: 11 July 2011