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An African child getting a vaccination
An African child getting a vaccination

Output 5

'Research into use': Development of products that target demand and are accessible to users.

Led by  Dr Richard Graham.

The primary objective of the CSRP is to increase the knowledge pool on African climate drivers with a view to improving their representation in climate models and thereby enhancing the skill of climate predictions. The main research output will consist of articles in peer reviewed journals and a prototype set of tailored climate products that will be evaluated as part of the research collaboration with African stakeholders. The delivery of operational products is outside of the scope of this programme. In addition, targeted policy briefs and technical reports will be written to inform strategic policy forums (e.g. Nairobi Work Programme, Regional Climate Outlook Forums) and decision makers.

The project will aim to maximise the potential use of research outputs by decision makers in Africa. The training workshops proposed in Output 4 will be used to disseminate the climate products to partners. PhD topics suggested for the long-term capacity building plan (in Output 4) will be used as case studies to test and demonstrate the usefulness of climate information to humanitarian, development and climate adaptation processes.

The project will start with a consultation to identify the climate variables that are most useful to African stakeholders and to tailor products and services that are most relevant to the most vulnerable groups in Africa prior to initiating the science activities outlined in Outputs 1, 2 and 3. The feasibility will be tested of supporting 'Research Into Use Champions' as part of the capacity building exercise under Output 4, to promote the use of climate products in the existing development projects.

Last Updated: 15 July 2011