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About our work

The CSRP has five research areas, each headed by a Met Office scientist.

The CSRP has five different work streams, each led by a Met Office Hadley Centre scientist, designed to achieve a set of project objectives. The project objectives have been refined through consultation with African stakeholders, with key aims to determine the variables/parameters for which improved prediction is most urgent and to identify priority requirements for capacity building.


Consultation The aim was to help identify research directions that would best contribute towards enhancing the range and quality of climate information available to users in Africa.

Output 1

Output 1 Improved understanding and modelling of African climate and its drivers.

Output 2

Output 2 Improved application of science and climate models for early warning systems and adaptation planning.

Output 3

Output 3 Downscaling: Providing predictions at the geographical scales required for decision making using PRECIS, and developing in-country capability.

Output 4

Output 4 Strengthening African science capacity through research fellowships and knowledge transfer.

Output 5

Output 5 'Research into use': Development of products that target demand and are accessible to users.

Links to African Centres

Links to African Centres We are working with institutions across Africa to achieve CSRP aims
Last Updated: 6 July 2012