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CSRP Fellows

Introducing the CSRP Fellows and their research

Mekonnen Degefu

Mekonnen Degefu Association between Rainfall Variability and Global Climate Teleconnection: The Case of South-Western Ethiopia

Ismaila Diallo

Ismaila Diallo Present-day simulations of the West African Monsoon with two kinds of HadGEM3 models (GCM and RCM)

Willem Landman

Willem Landman The performance of the HadGEM3 as seasonal forecasting and research tool for southern African climate variability.

Wilfried Pokam Mba

Wilfried Mba Investigation of processes driving low level westerlies in central Africa

Dominic Pokperlaar

Dominic Pokperlaar Development of Historical Meteorological Data Records for Ghana

Omondi Philip Amingo

Omondi Philip Prediction of decadal climate over Eastern Africa region

Arlindo Meque

Arlindo Meque Evaluation of the GloSea4 seasonal forecast system over Mozambique: Rainfall Climatology and predictability
Last Updated: 5 October 2015