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Focused collaborative research is essential for building predictive capability and practical tools
Focused collaborative research is essential for building predictive capability and practical tools

Output 4 - highlight results

Strengthening climate science in Africa

Collaboration with African climate scientists is an integral part of the CSRP programme. A key pillar in this collaboration is the CSRP African climate scientist fellowship scheme. Eleven CSRP fellows have been appointed and each is working on a CSRP research topic within one of the three science output areas. This approach helps advance the project's objectives, while also strengthening the professional development of the fellows. 

Features of the fellowship scheme include:

  • Fellows are appointed from across Africa: four in West Africa; four in East Africa, one in central Africa and two in southern Africa - providing a wide range of regional perspective.
  • The fellowships are typically for a one-year duration.
  • Each fellow has an appointed Met Office mentor, expert in the field of study.
  • All fellows have completed a visit (typically of one month) to the Met Office Hadley Centre to finalise project plans, collect data, receive coaching on data analysis and analysis software and interact with other UK scientists working on African climate (notably from the Universities of Reading, Leeds and Oxford).
  • Four CSRP fellows presented results of their work at the 4th International AMMA conference (Toulouse, France, 2-6 July 2012).
  • Final project reports are in preparation and will be published on these pages in December 2012.

Further information

The 11 CSRP fellows, their affiliations, research themes and project titles - Individual projects 

Fellow_Workshops Summary of output 4 and 5 (PDF, 1 MB)


November 2012 - World Climate Research Programme newsletter

The CLIVAR and GEWEX African Climate Panel, sponsored by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), has launched a Newsletter for the African climate research community to share new research results, funding, training opportunities and events, and to share programmatic news. The first issue is dedicated to short notes from the fellows of the fellowship scheme of the DFID-Met Office Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP) for Africa.

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