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Learn about the results of the project, and the test products developed.


Consultation The aim was to help identify research directions that would best contribute towards enhancing the range and quality of climate information available to users in Africa.

Overview of the output areas

Overview of the output areas Results from the output areas

Output 1 - highlight results

Output 1 - highlight results Understanding and modelling of African climate and its drivers

Output 2 - highlight results

Output 2 - highlight results Real-time climate prediction, monitoring and attribution

Output 3 - highlight results

Output 3 - highlight results Improving increased geographical detail in climate predictions

Output 4 - highlight results

Output 4 - highlight results Strengthening climate science in Africa

Output 5 - highlight results

Output 5 - highlight results Development of research products that target demand and are accessible to users.
Last Updated: 31 October 2014